Vectrix Rear Tire Replacement - larger

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Vectrix Rear Tire Replacement - larger

Just replaced the original rear tire on my 2008 VX1 with 5000 miles. I upsized from the original 140-60R13 to a 150-70R13 (Michelin). I never liked the look of the smaller rear tire and since my bike is now lighter with the lithium packs, and the rear springs adjusted accordingly, I thought it was worth a try to go as large as possible. New tires always feel better but I believe the larger size makes the ride more stable and it's a big improvement. I have Very little clearance though between the tire and the swing-arm. Haven't heard any rubbing though and so it seems fine. Didn't know if anyone else had tried this so I thought I'd share. I have a very light battery pack as well and I'm about 200lbs. Designed my own battery monitoring system as well. Hoping to get a fun summer of commuting in on this with 21 miles to work.

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