Vectrix VX-1 2007 with Leaf cells upgrade in Sacramento

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Vectrix VX-1 2007 with Leaf cells upgrade in Sacramento

Overall it's in great condition with few minor scratches, with very low milage just about 8k miles. Available in Sacramento, CA

This particular motorcycle was been upgraded to 18 cells of Nissan Leaf battery, which not only triples the effective range, but also unlocks full performance. Runs custom firmware with very moderate settings to keep it safe. All cells have been balanced and verified to 90%+ of original capacity prior to the installation.
It has a clean title, registered in CA on my name, but stays under non-OP as I don't have a motorcycle license. I enjoy working on Vectrix at my night time, but I'm not a driver :). With that it needs to go. Unfortunately the price can barely cover my investment into that project. But I need to move to the next big thing. I probably drove it not more than 30 miles after battery replacement.

It charges at home with standard AC plug at 1kW/h, but I'll also include L2 adapter with your purchase, which will allow to charge at public L2 chargers. This one alone is $100 in parts.

$3200 for all. Cash in person.

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