Vectrix VX-1 2008 (Leaf cell upgrade with BMS installed) in Pittsburgh, PA USA

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Vectrix VX-1 2008 (Leaf cell upgrade with BMS installed) in Pittsburgh, PA USA

Vectrix VX-1 2008 with 2607 miles on it. Gray. Has a partial green wrap on the front which is easily removed. Has current Pennsylvania registration. Available in Pittsburgh, PA USA

I upgraded it with 18 Nissan Leaf cells in 2016 and installed a BMS. I upgraded the firmware. Uses the original AC charger (with upgraded firmware), which plugs into a regular AC outlet. Range is 80+ miles. I doubt the Leaf cells have more than 800 miles on them.

I received this Vextrix as a battery project in 2014 when I owned a battery store. I am more of a battery guy than a motorcycle guy. I am not motivated to sell, but I assume there is a more motivated enthusiast than me in the region.

The only specific damage is that I broke the trunk light in one of the many times I disassembled/assembled the bike. I assume if you want one, you can get it from The right front of the green wrap has some black scrape marks on it (but that goes away when the wrap comes off).

Mostly garage kept throughout its life. There was a 3 month period 2 years ago I left it outside, mostly covered.


FYI, if you are thinking of a Vextrix conversion, this was my math - $2520 for the 18 Nissan Leaf cells pack. $812 for the conversion kit from Anitscab. $500 for the Vextrix. Perhaps $200 for the USB/CAN cable that allows you upgrade software and such. Perhaps $100 to rent a hoist to install the Leaf cells.

I'm posting this more for an enthusiast in my region that will enjoy it for what it is than trying to sell it for transportation. Though I think it would make a fine commuter bike. There is a strong enthusiast community that documented their work online for tasks such as performing the Leaf cell conversion and upgrading the firmware. This allows someone with FYI tendencies and a basic understanding and respect for high voltage DC systems to tinker with the bike as needed.

Update 1/20/2020 - This Vextrix is still available.

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Re: Vectrix VX-1 2008 (Leaf cell upgrade with BMS installed)...

I had no idea there were any Vectrix owners in Pittsburgh much less LEAF cell converted ones. My CuMoCo e-scooter is getting kind of old but unfortunately the $2200 replacement pack is only 1 1/2 years old and my better half is likely to veto the purchase. I love to at least ride over to look at it.

I live in Brentwood in the S. Hills. Send me a PM.

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