Li + no dashboard during charging only with switching on ignition key ?

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Li + no dashboard during charging only with switching on ignition key ?

recently I bought another non-running VX Li+ in Switzerland and brought it with a trailer to my home in Germany.
On the motor controller circuit board 5 fuses were blown and I replaced them all. After that the scooter MC started running again and I got a "go". The battery cell voltages were also still mixed up as it arrived like weed and turnips. I then recharged single cells. When I plug the scooter now into the mains I hear a relay clicking but then the dashboard does not start working but the battery fans do. Scooter seems to charge in the background without the working dashboard. When I turn now the ignition key on the dashboard starts working and shows to me the charging current and all charging values normally . So than the scooter balances the battery cells for hours. When I turn the ignitionkey back during balancing the dashboard stops working again and after some time the fans of the battery also stop working. Means the scooter stops balancing/charging in the background. If I turn on ignition again the dashboard starts again but shows no charging/balancing anymore instead the service lamp ist on.
That doesn't seem to be me like a big failure but what can that be and where can it be ?

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Re: Li + no dashboard during charging only with switching on...

" the dashboard does not start working" The charger is damaged. AC DC regulator designed to send wake up signal to motorcontroller is not working. This is why only when key is turned on, the system wakes up and works normally.
"Scooter seems to charge in the background" Some versions execute emergency charge program. very dangerous, does not use BMS, it will kill your cells, and you can get fire.
Always charge with key on, and replace charger ASAP.

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