Vectrix diagnostic program

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Vectrix diagnostic program

Hi All,

Does anyone have a recent copy of the Vectrix diagnostic progam?

I need to record phase current whilst riding to get a baseline for a working motor, to compare against a suspect one.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Vectrix diagnostic program

in case someone else is looking for diagnostic software, here's a link to the latest version:

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Re: Vectrix diagnostic program

Thanks, Matt. Is that version newer than what is available here?

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Re: Vectrix diagnostic program

Hello, I downloaded this software and I'm trying to configure the Laird's firmware to be able to run my own battery setup. I am unable to read anything off my Vectrix with my computer, which runs on Windows 10. I only have this computer available to me at the moment, and I read that this software works on Windows 7. Do you know if the software will work on Windows 10? I will continue troubleshooting for other causes in the meantime. Thanks!

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Re: Vectrix diagnostic program

How to get Vectrix Diagnostics Working.

There are more methods I supose but this is how it worked for me:

I Bought this PCan:
and this connection cable: (1,5m)

Than I used an old laptop with Windows Vista on it. I tried Windows 10 and 11 but it didn’t work.

I set the language to Englisch. (Other language may not work!)

I downloaded the drivers on a newlier laptop from Scroll down to Windows XP driver!

I Put it on a USB-stick and copied it tot he documents folder of this old laptop and unzppped the files. Dubbelclicked and installed this driver. It seems you can't downsize the driver if you have installed a newlier version so be carefull with that.

I downloaded the 32 bit Vectrix Diagnostics Windows application from

Just connected everything, turned on my Vectrix and Canbus was activated.

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