Aquired A123 M1 cells. Need charger and BMS

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Aquired A123 M1 cells. Need charger and BMS

It seems it is a little hard to get a matched set of BMS and a charger. I would think lithium chargers would talk to the BMS or be adjustable in output. I want to make a 20s by 2 p and no seller seems to know what I am talking about. Lawrence Rhodes

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Re: Aquired A123 M1 cells. Need charger and BMS

JBD Battery PCB Board Store on Ali Express did satisfied me. You'd find plenty . The good trick is choosing a board connecting the (slim ) wires in two (2) portions with the last portion having around six (6) last wires. It would allow to unplug the last section and run the board a SERIES lower lets say from 20 S to 16 S if the pack degrades too much or if running out of juice on a trip. Of course , a compatible controller is best if 48-64 volts dual mode (hall /nohall- sensor -sensorless )wich costs around 30 bucks. Good luck.

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