Vectrix VX1 for parts for sale

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Vectrix VX1 for parts for sale

I have a non-functional vectrix vx1 which I am trying to get rid of. A little big about the background story of this bike: Few years ago I bought a vectrix vx1 off ebay for about U$700, the battery bank was converted to lithium by the previous owner but the bank was deeply discharged (to 0.2volts) so the battery bank would need to be replaced, the bike was in my garage and I planning on working on it, anyhow I was able to charge the battery bank to some degree and the bike booted up but there was not enough power to turn the wheels. In any event I never actually ordered new batteries and kept on postponing the project for the future.

Then few months ago something horrible happened… I was away from my house for a few weeks and a gang of low life form criminals broken into my house and garage and stole, ransacked, and destroyed everything (they destroyed everything that deemed not worth stealing like furniture, etc). Virtually everything I had was stolen (car parked in my garage, my riding mower, brand new high end large appliances, all my tools, clothes, just about everything). My vectrix vx1 was not stolen but some plastic body panels was lost and some of the batteries that were on the floor was stolen (batteries were bad anyways) . I don’t have any use for this vectrix vx1 anylonger and don’t feel like working on it, but it should be good for parts. If anyone is interested in it, it is available for pick up only in Columbus, OH. I am asking for $100 for it, and it is for pick up only.


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Re: Vectrix VX1 for parts for sale

I would like to purchase your vectrix vx1. I need several parts.
Please contact me.

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