V max, eMoto, VX-2

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V max, eMoto, VX-2

How do you replace a rear tire on a VX-2 or V max 4,000 Watt scooter.? My rim is damaged and I got a nail in the tubeless tire. I went to Dracut tire and they do not repair scooter tires. They sent me to eXtreme Toyz in Dracut to get it repaired. Well they too said they don't work on EV scooters. They said go to Boston to get it repaired and same thing. eXtreme Toyz did notice tire said tubeless and pointed out it has a tube in there. I bought the Scooter new from Tharo scooters in KY or Ohio some place when every one was having a bad time selling scooters. I also noticed then that the rim was bent looking for the leak. I stopped in at a local automotive parts store, CAP, and asked about some other options. They said a good temporary fix in Slime tube tire repair goop. So I bought the kit and it was still flat so I bought another kit. So it appears to be going down slower that before. I don't know how many PSI the rear tire needs so I increased it to 60 PSI or 4 BAR. All the parts I used for the scooter come from Poland for they sell forks, luggage rack side panels, and other stuff for VX-2 of which eMoto is sold out of Australia some place but I keep writing and calling and get no where. Poland is expensive but I get parts relatively fast at least.
So for now my scooter is SEMI SOLID rear tire assembly now. Again my scooter has never been repaired for tires so I don't know how tire says Tubeless and there is a tube in tire on the motor rim assy. I am sure something that is being sold new will have correct parts and not installing a tube in a tubeless tire. The goop I purchased is Slime for tube type tires. I think I purchased it in 2014 or maybe even 2015 so I did get to buy new batteries for when I did get the scooter the Green batteries were dried out and case was cracked but that was the only major repair done first on the Scooter.

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