VX-2 info and firmware/files

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VX-2 info and firmware/files

Hi all,

I have been busy for a while but still have a few VX-1 and still working on the CAN datalogger, chargecontroller, Leaf upgrades etc etc.

Since of yesterday I got hands on a VX-2 SLA version (hard to find in The Netherlands) as an 'add-on' to the VX-1 series :-)
As you can imagine this also interests me on to see whats possible on the CANbus (the ICM talks to the SevCon Gen4 controller) and lithium upgrades.

There seem to be some firmware revisions regarding max speed and such that can be flashed into the ICM.
Does anyone have these files available for me ?
They were on the vectrixparts website but can't find them anymore.



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