Four VX-1 Scooters for sale....

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Four VX-1 Scooters for sale....

In the Seattle area, I have 4 VX-1 Scooters for sale. Will only sell all as a package -- email scott [at]

1) 2007 Red, 2000km. Runs, batteries fresh. I used it fair often. However, it's suddenly giving me an error at charging indicating a temperature issue. Probably a corrided wire on a temp sensor.
2) 2007 Silver, low miles, Runs but batteries won't charge. Previous owner says charger failed. I have a replacement charger
3) 2008 Blue, low miles, Had blown fuses on controller. Fixed with better components. Runs and Charges etc. however a battery ruptured and now won't charge. I have spare batteries.
4) 2008 Silver, low miles, Runs and charges, but my son-in-law let it go too long between charges and dropped below the 80v threshold. So it needs a "freddy charge" (or world charger).

I have titles for all scooters (1 and 4 I have full ownership, 2 and 3 I have previous owner signed titles and respective bill of sale, just haven't transferred them due to illness at the time and later a nasty divorce, I will transfer before selling, or give you a bill of sale. If you are going to part them out then why bother). Other goodies included: A full set of spare batteries. A programming kit. Spare dashboard (prototype), Hat, coffee mug, show banner, and a home made "world charger" (Freddy charger), with home made "ICL" (In rush current limiter). Plus if I can find it, an special RC battery chargers so you can rejuvenate older batteries. You can get manuals at my site

Tires/brakes are good on all scooters.

All have keys and spare keys.

If interested let me know and I'll send pictures.

$2500 for everything, firm. Buyer arranges shipping.

I was putting these back in full operation so all 4 family members could go riding at the same time. But divorce and 23 court battles completely destroyed my family probably forever (been 5 years and no sign of recovery), so it's time to let go and move on. My loss is your gain.
These were all great running scooters and just needed refreshing of the batteries using the freddy-charger or the RC battery charger to restore to good health.

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