Electric Cub Cadet tractor

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Electric Cub Cadet tractor


I just saw this at Home Depot. Thought others would like to see there is something better than refurbishing an Electric mower from GE years back.
It is $4000.00 and Lithium powered. I didn't know where to put in Visforvoltage for type of listing for this is a riding lawnmower of the E-20 caliber or even bigger.
I am waiting for the snow thrower / snow plow version for me to use. If the URL or link doesn't work then I'll fix it in an hour or so.

David Can you make a name of Electric Tractor in this listing? I am sure this is the new Electric vehicle thing!!! It is about time U.S. is going electric in trucks and lawn care products. I almost put this under skateboards.

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Re: Electric Cub Cadet tractor

For $4k, I'll be happy to convert an ICE one thank you. Though my yard isn't that big and a corded mower bought for $40 used does the trick.
And the old Electrac? was great and well worth fixing up either lead or upgraded to lithium. They beat the pants off ICEs of the same class at tractor pulls bone stock.

Gerald Dycus

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