2008 XM3500 Li and 2008 R Martin Efun scooters for sale

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2008 XM3500 Li and 2008 R Martin Efun scooters for sale

I am cleaning out a shed in my back yard and have two Lithium scooters that I need to find homes for. First one is a 2008 Alpha XM3500 Li with 5 miles on the odometer. The second scooter is a 2008 R Martin EFUN EVD Li with 109 miles on the odometer. Both of these scooters have been covered and stored in an enclosed shed and are in good condition. Both scooters will need to have the battery packs replaced 20 60AH cells each as these batteries do not survive a long term storage like these scooters have been in. The 2008 EFUN scooter comes with a clear title in my name. The 2008 XM3500 Li was never titled but comes with the original MCO from alpha and my original sale invoice. Both scooters are located in Northern Nevada USA. $100 each.
xm3500 3_4 view_0.jpg
2008 Alpha XM3500 Li b2.jpg
2008 alpha XM3500 bk vw.jpg
2008 Alpha XM3500 Li Odometer.jpg
E fun D 3_4 view.jpg
2008 Huari EVD b2.jpg
2008 Huari EVD back view.jpg
2008 Huari E Fun Odometer.jpg

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Re: 2008 XM3500 Li and 2008 R Martin Efun scooters for sale

If these are still available, I would be interested in buying them. My problem is that I am in Ohio. It might be worth the trip though.

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