FreedomEV's VX-1 Aero Mods

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FreedomEV's VX-1 Aero Mods

Starting this thread so Jerry/FreedomEV can document his scooter's aero mods (similar to what Ben Nelson did with his aero-modded Vectrix for an event called Loop the Lake a number of years ago).

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Re: FreedomEV's VX-1 Aero Mods

Hi Kevin and All,
Thanks Kevin for starting this thread for me.
I lucked into a Vectrix EV MC and recently got it running with a new 6kwh Volt module pack.
While very aero compared to all the other MCs a few reversible mods can make it much better. The forebody is very good that just needs a new windshield that just using the natural bends of the forebody and bending a sheet of plastic over gives a very nice aero shape when trimmed, supported. Once done I'll make a template so others can copy it.
Testing mine yesterday the stock windshield was hard to see though as aged and more for protecting the rider from wind/rain/bug blast than aero as doesn't guide the air aft, just pushes it out of the way.
Though 5'8" I have short and as old weak legs and the seat was just too high to hold the bike up at long lights my legs will cramp.
And as wanting less frontal area I'm moving my seat about 8" lower. Sadly 2 mounting tabs from the rear body jam me in the side so debating trimming them off or just replacing the whole rear body as I could never carry a passenger that high, slightly better aero, some less weight and a low enough passenger seat I can take a lady for a ride. Also put a trailer hitch on it all my MC EVs do..
The lower front body just needs some extensions aft and maybe a round leading edge to lead cleaner air into it near the bottom. I'll do some telltale testing to see if needed.
I hope to get a .22cd so range at 60mph is barely different than 30mph is the goal.
And my goal is 100 mile range from 6kwh which likely means tire pressure increases or maybe new EV low rolling resistance tires if the exist and by now they should. These are old which makes the rubber harder which gives less drag so maybe with more air pressure if doesn't hurt handling after testing, will do the trick. MC tires for more grip have terrible rolling drag and stopped my last Streamliner low CG, long wheelbase test mule from being viable cutting range so much.
Hopefully I can figure out how to put pics up, get them from my ph to laptop to the list..
A longer term goal is a full aero cabin Streamliner.
A question, what is the real top speed of an early 07? Is it motor RPM limited to 62mph or just saying that for Euro legal or aero/range reasons? I already went faster than 62mph accidentally, sucker is fast, so not a hard governor and I see later models are higher speed rated. I'd like to go 70mph to keep up with traffic at times though 55-60mph is normally enough speed for me.

Gerald Dycus

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Re: FreedomEV's VX-1 Aero Mods

A question, what is the real top speed of an early 07? Is it motor RPM limited to 62mph or just saying that for Euro legal or aero/range reasons?

Early and later motors are supposedly the same and the maximum speed is limited by the software. The speed was originally limited to 62mph, but I seem to recall that an update from Vectrix boosted it to 68 mph, which is still slightly below the motor's designed maximum RPM that would be exceeded at speeds above 74 mph.

Both of my 2008 models have "The Laird's" higher speed software installed giving a top speed of ~70mph, but maintaining this speed for too long is definitely not good for original NiMh packs.


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