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VX-1 For Sale

I have a 2007 VX-1 for sale if anyone's interested, $1400.00 located in Raleigh, NC. The battery's been replaced with 2 LG Chem 16 cell modules from a Chrysler Pacifica hybrid with room for 2 more if you can find them. It gets close to 50 miles of range if you putt around town under 35MPH, maybe 35-40 miles if you ride it harder. Comes with an extra controller board that I sent off to Dugas Engineering for a reflash as it locked up when I was updating it. He said it was good but I have not tested it. The controller in the bike works fine as does the charger, It has the latest Dugas firmware.. Also comes with a Peak PCAN CAN Bus adapter. It is missing one of the rubber pads for the passenger foot board and the piece of plastic that is located between the windshield and the dashboard. Previous owner painted the bottom of the windshield black so it's not too noticeable. There is no BMS but I broke out all of the cells to some terminal strips so each can be read. The voltages stay very close. I have a title for it but it is in about 2 owners ago name and I didn't have much luck getting a title in my name for it. It can be done, in NC anyway, by buying a bond for it, getting an estimate of it's value, and having the DMV look at it but I didn't want to go through the hassle of doing it. I've done it with another bike I've got that had no title. One other problem it has is that it will give you a throttle fault if you go full throttle. David Dugas sent me a new throttle stop which he said would fix it but I have not installed it. I've learned to just ride it at less than full throttle and it works fine. So it needs a little work, got a few scratches, but runs and rides great. Tires are good. Previous owner put a larger rear tire on it to get more speed but I'm not sure how much extra it adds. PM me here or text me at 919-two four four-6071. Text is probably better.

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