Actual charger not EVSE

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Actual charger not EVSE

Is there any specifications on Electric Vehicle chargers on any EV. I am not talking of the so called chargers called EVSE. I have noticed that no matter what vehicle shows up at my door or property to get a one or two hour charge that my AC ammeter always shows a low reading. I have a 50 amp circuit and a NEMA 14-50 and a calibrated shunt ammeter to verify current. So I come to the conclusion that the built in switch mode charger installed on Volt, Bolt, i-3, Leaf, and any other EV plugged in is 5.1 to maybe as high as 7.2 or 7.3 KW or KVA. So where can I find out how much POWER is in a built in EV? It doesn't make sense to put in or install an EVSE of the 30 to 50 Amp Juice Box or BSA or any other brand if the vehicle can't charge at the higher rate for Level 2 charging device cable EVSE. Everyone calls it a charger but in fact it is a charge cord called an EVSE. Like the thing on your computer. The cord there is called an IEC C-13 or some number and no matter what voltage you have it can be plugged in. Whether it is 100 volt to maybe 250 volts it will run your computer. If you have a laptop or some towers like the Mini Apple. Even when some one comes here to charge their electric it charges fine on my 25 foot extension cord plugged into a NEMA 14-50 plug with a NEMA 5-15 on the other end giving 250 volts to the i-3 or Bolt. So that means the stock switch mode device ir about 7 KVA or 7 KW charging at 10 to 12 miles every hour, vs the 4mile per hour plugged into 120 volt real outlet. I called out local Chevrolet dealer and of course they didn't know what size charger was in the Bolt. They said 1 or 1.1 KW. I see 3 to 3 1/2 KW when plugged into 230 volts on stock EVSE charge cord when it is supposed to be 1 KW.
It sure would be nice to find out the max charging capability of the "actual" inboard device of an electric vehicle.


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