Free - 2005 E-Max Lithium Scooter - Runs! - SOLD

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Free - 2005 E-Max Lithium Scooter - Runs! - SOLD
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Street legal and titled in Pennsylvania. Has a 40AH 48 volt Thundersky/Winston cell main pack and a 40ah 12V "booster" pack. Original style Fecher-Goodrum BMS. With a healthy pack, range was at least 35-40 miles and in 60V "boost" mode, top speed was 45mph.

The 14 year old pack is degraded and replacing it would probably be a nice worthwhile project, and it could probably use new tires, but it runs and everything works. Includes two 8 amp main pack chargers and a 3 amp 12V charger for the booster pack, miscellaneous parts and documentation.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA.

EDIT: It found a new home!

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