V Moto 48 volt upgrade to 60 volt pack

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V Moto 48 volt upgrade to 60 volt pack

Has anyone upgraded a stock 48 volt pack to a 60 volts in the VX-2 / V Moto scooter ? Can the controller work with higher pack voltage? The old 48 volt pack was both Lithium version and AGM the more common version and AGM can accept a higher voltage. I noticed that when trying to check balance of the individual modules / batteries going past the fifteen volt mark on my Schumacher battery charger. So taking that into consideration, can the DC-DC converter and controller accept 75 plus volt pack?
Sure hate to pop a nice controller. The scooter only did 30 MPH but it was solid and reliable since 2013. I think the old controller was made in England or Great Britain even though the scooter was made in Australia or China. It had regen but it never charged the battery pack much if any.
If anyone in Massachusetts wanted a cheap V Moto electric scooter just give me a shout. In the spring I will install the 72 volt pack to see if the V Moto / VX-2 will accept the new larger pack.
I special ordered from Poland a new luggage rack in order to place a rear cargo bag for shopping. VX-2 and V Moto are the same in that respect.

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Re: V Moto 48 volt upgrade to 60 volt pack

the original is a Sevcon motor controller, with a maximum operating voltage of 69 Vdc

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