Overly alarmist article about electric hoverboard ban

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Overly alarmist article about electric hoverboard ban


The article says "tens of thousands of electric bikes were recalled", but the article discusses "Hoverboards" instead of "Bicycles".

In any case - the recall covers Jetson brand hoverboards manufactured in 2017-18. In April 2022, one of these caught fire in a house in the USA presumably while charging. The fire spread, killed two girls in the family, and the parents suffered smoke inhalation. It's very sad that these girls died this way.

There have been many instances of these kinds of batteries catching fire. So much so that the recommendation was to charge them outdoors. I believe the culprit is a cheaply designed battery from China, a poorly designed BMS and/or charging system, etc. We know that when lithium-ion batteries catch fire the fire can be catastrophic like this.

But the article is warning people to not even buy these things. The article could instead give some advice on how best to avoid or mitigate problems.

But of course not all consumers will be able to read this advice, or be wise enough to follow the advice. It is of course best for these things to be properly designed.

According to the article the hoverboards have a UL Approved label. But, what specifically does the UL approval cover?

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