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Custom charger

Hey Guys! :)

I'm currently building a custom charger, with its own custom software I programmed, its now in a state where I can put it in my VX-1 to do some tests. Hopefully it will do an output of 11kW max. with adjustable charging speed.
I'm only missing the communications with the bike. My software is currently talking with the BMS I made (also custom), but I dont really know what else do I need to get this charger working.
The main thing missing is the communication messages from the Runkee charger. Do anyone have a datasheet or anything that I can use to identify the CAN messages sent from the original Vectrix charger? What messages needed to be sent from the charger to start the charging? (like the speed-o-meter to show the current charging output, etc.)

I can do a reverse engineering on an original Vectrix charger, it takes time (like I did with the original Vectrix BMS), but if anybody has it already, then I wouldnt spend time on that.

Thanks! :)

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