Next Gen XM-2000?

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Next Gen XM-2000?

In another post Mountain Chen said:

Re: ZAPNIO, Z-20 and XM-2000
Submitted by Mountain chen on Thu, 09/13/2007 - 13:07.

Yes,Xtreme will order another container of same motor as ZAPINO but different styles. No more stock XM2000 now.

I'm trying to understand what that spec is. Sales at X-Treme is sticking to their story that they're just ordering more of the same - but they may just be playing coy.

So, if I understand it the key differences between the XM and the Zapino are:

1) a 3000 watt motor
2) a 6 phase motor
3) improved "all electric" shifting mechanism (as opposed to the mechanical shifting in the XM)
4) speed limited, or perhaps different windings for more torque less speed
5) a rear disk brake
6) what type of batteries?

Are those right? If so, then taking those in turn:
1) a 3000 watt motor. OK, bigger is generally better but we'll be more concerned with amp draw and the implication on battery life.
2) a 6 phase motor. OK, I've seen this several times but I've not seen an explanation of what this is or what it gives us. My guess is that it's 6 hall sensors rather than 3 which means a different controller. But what does that give the end user? More power? More efficiency? 3 more sensors that might go wrong?
3) improved shifting This seems to be that one still shifts manually but that the shifting is now controlled more reliably than with the existing solenoid. We still don't actually know what the solenoid activates (i.e. when the arm moves from high to low what's changed to give different characteristics?). It's been hypothesized that it shifts from shunt (low) to series (high). Is that correct? If that's the case then is the new all electrical system still shifting between shunt and series? If so, then is it using some form of relay to divert the flow of current?
4) top speedIs the Zapino speed limited with a speed limiting device or does it have a lower top speed because the motor is designed for increased torque at the expense of top speed? If it's the former, then how do we remove the speed limiter?
5) rear disc brakeNo mysteries here - glad to get a disk rather than a drum (the drum is adequate but feels antiquated on any modern bike)
6) batteriesWhat type of batteries will it have? With the more powerful motor does it need closer to 50Ah/20Hr batteries? Are they AGMs or Silicones? Or does it come with LiFePO4s - in which case what Amp hour?

If anyone knows anything about this it would be great to hear!

John Harding,
Blue XM-2000
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

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Re: Next Gen XM-2000?

Very worthy questions. Worth bumping. One nice thing about the Zapino is that we have Zap dealers who are currently wrestling with them. So hopefully people on this board can chime in with daily problems and fixes.

The speed limit is a real hang up for me as a potential consumer.

I actually hate the faux "classic" body style of the Zapino. I prefer the XM-2000 styles.

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