VoltPhreaks LiFePO4 based 12 volt battery

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VoltPhreaks LiFePO4 based 12 volt battery

I've continued doing research on LiFePO4 batteries and been posting links on my site. I just came across an interesting product, and wonder if anybody has seen this.

//s.p10.hostingprod.com/ [at] www.voltphreaks.com/ssl/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=33&osCsid=1c0f665d8b77701e1edfc395a01a89c6">12V 4.5lb car battery is one of their batteries. 12 volts, 12 amp-hours. $460

http://www.voltphreaks.com/home.html - Their home page.

EliseTalk (Lotus fans) http://www.elisetalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42483 has a discussion thread discussing the battery from the standpoint of using it in a gas-burning sports car. It seems some people are so focused on speed that the few pounds saved by using a lighter battery means something to them.

They say they began work by wanting an electric car, and that led them to designing this battery pack system. They intend to produce batteries for EV conversions, and for scooters etc.

Volt Phreaks

Volt Phreaks

Volt Phreaks

Volt Phreaks

Volt Phreaks

Volt Phreaks

Volt Phreaks

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Re: VoltPhreaks LiFePO4 based 12 volt battery

I've visited that site and thought "great product but way too expensive".

It would cost me $2300 for a 60V 12Ah pack - usatracy is hunting down LiFePO4's that might give us a 60V 10Ah for around $600 or a 60V 20Ah for around $1100. Those are approximate figures but they show just how expensive these batteries are.

I guess if you race an Elise for fun then you can afford 'em!

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Re: VoltPhreaks LiFePO4 based 12 volt battery

LiFePO4 is not that expensive; these people are simply charging horrendous markup. DeWalt A123 packs (which are a high-performance more expensive version of LiFePO4) retail for $2.17 per Wh and can be found on eBay for $1.40 or less. This 12V 12Ah pack is $3.20 per Wh!

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Re: VoltPhreaks LiFePO4 based 12 volt battery

I agree DeWalt also has a Track record, and can be purchased locally.
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The Director of the Government Department in charge, didn't even know if and how the toys were tested, and had to ask a member of her Staff when she was questioned.
I blame all this on Mattel, they had to know there was lead on there products being sold for Children to play with. They said there were problems gaining access to the Plants in China, so why keep selling the products if your not sure. Greed and the almighty Dollar.

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