New High Tech Scooter 60+ mph / 65 mile range

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New High Tech Scooter 60+ mph / 65 mile range

Found this pup on EBay - Enjoy!

The Vectrix

Be the 1st to get a Vectrix in a custom color! The choice is yours - pick any of the four colors currently available or choose any color you want!

Vectrix is the mode of transportation for tomorrow. This fully electric maxi scooter is freeway capable reaching speeds of up to 62 mph. With the electric engine offering power equivalent to a 400cc combustion engine, the bike offers plenty of power for moving in and out of traffic. Power transfer is instantaneous and it performs beautifully with acceleration times of 6.8 seconds from 0-50 mph and 3.6 seconds from 0-31 mph.

The NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery has a 3.7 kW-h capacity and only requires a standard 110v outlet to charge. It only needs 3 hours to charge 80%. On a single charge it can travel up to 68 miles! Estimated life of the battery pack is 10 years/50,000 miles.

Weight is 462 lbs with a wheelbase of 60" and seat height of 30". Front wheel is 14" and the rear measures 13." For convenience, it offers an under-seat storage of 1.41 cu ft (enough for 1 full-faced helmet) and the glove compartment measures .21 cu. ft. It can comfortably carry 2 people.

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