EV EVent in San Diego during NFL Break

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EV EVent in San Diego during NFL Break

A special invitation: From www.electricdragin.com

WHAT: Announcing Electric Dragin’ 2008
WHEN: Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27, 2008 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
WHERE: Barona Drag Strip www.baronadrags.com
WHY: Raise awareness of the current state of electric-drive technology and promote their expanded use to meet the world’s transportation needs.
WHO: Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego at www.evaosd.com. For EVerybody who has an EV, HEV, NEV, PHEV, FCV, and/or E-drive of all types we have them all and we have them right now.
HOW: An EVent exclusive for E-drive with Exhibit Booths, Show & Shine, Race the clock, each other and race to signup for this EVent as a participant, sponsor or just by passing the info along to 10 other people.

You are among the first that we want to tell about this EVent that we believe is within the following criteria:
● First exclusive pure electric-drive racing EVent in the world.
● The next generation of racing.
● This is an International EVent. If it has an electric-drive, bring it, show it and race it.
● Sponsor Area will be full of the very latest electric-drive and renewable energy exhibits and resources.
● NHRA & NEDRA sanctioned Drag Racing with E-motor Cross, Show & Shine and a network of EVerybody that is plugged in and connected to get you charged-up with electric-drive.
● Free with admission (self-contained) camping in our mild San Diego climate from noon on Friday, January 25, 2008 till noon on Monday, January 28, 2008 right at the event site.

We think it is time to get off our gasses, stop talking and start doing EVerything imaginable with today’s technology. Our vehicles are here and we want to start off 2008 with an EVent exclusively for electric-drive. It’s time for payback by leaving purely gas cars in our dust. We spend way too much time alongside those smelly things breathing all that toxic exhaust. Regardless what the ICE and petroleum proponents tell you; electric-drives are here now with all the technology that you’ve heard about. We have lithium batteries, nickel-metal (NiMH) batteries, plug-in hybrids, freeway capable E-bikes, EV with generators onboard (series hybrids), and much more.

Don’t wait another “2 years” for the next broken EV promise. Join us by starting 2008 right by charging into the future with the EV community and supporters that are connected to your needs. On this weekend while most of North America is digging out from a cold winter; while football playoffs are over and just a week until the Super Bowl it is a good time for EV’erybody to “Get Your Motors Charged” in San Diego’s fair weather climate. Everybody can and may participate by getting involved or just experiencing the electricity and exciting thrill with more electric-drive choices and news for a changing world. Signup today to race and/or sponsor this event as many that attend will be looking to see what you have to offer. Racing challenges are accepted and will be dealt with on the tracks drag strip & e-motocross with the clock being the judge and for all to see. Who knows, you might even set a record!

This is a family event. Without the deafening roar of those smog creating cars, you and your children’s ears and lungs will thank you. Bring your (self-contained) RV and camp from noon before until noon after the event. We will be setting up “Village Energy” at the track for our EV Electra-City. It is the place for everyone to camp, network , and setup the latest electric drive systems before the event and to discuss the results after.

We anticipate all media outlets to cover this exciting, ecologically freindly, historic Event that will be enjoyable for the whole family.

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Re: EV EVent in San Diego during NFL Break

Welcome and thanks for the information. We'll you be a participant?


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Re: EV EVent in San Diego during NFL Break

Yes, especially with the way things are going for the Chargers my NFL break will start a lot sooner.

Thanks for the welcome.


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Re: EV EVents in San Diego & Miami during NFL Break

"BATTERY BEACH BURNOUT", January 25-26 in Miami

The Florida Electric Auto Association (www.floridaeaa.org) is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual "Battery Beach Burnout" electric vehicle drag racing and autocross competition will be held on January 25-26 at Countyline Dragway (www.countylinedragwayinc.com) in Miami. The EV drag race will be Friday evening from 6pm to midnight, and the EV autocross and Show 'n Shine will be Saturday from 10am to 4pm at the same location. The event will wrap up Saturday evening, with no activities presently scheduled for Sunday, January 27.

Countyline Dragway, the former Opa Locka West airstrip, is located at the intersection of W. Okeechobee Rd. (Route 27) and N. Krome Ave. (Route 997) in the far northwest corner of Miami-Dade County, a quarter mile south of the Miami-Dade/Broward County line.

Countyline is a 1/8-mile drag strip. Note that 1/8 mile records are now available for all voltage classes with the recent approval by NEDRA, the National Electric Drag Racing Association (www.nedra.com), of recording 1/8 mile records for all NEDRA classes.

The Florida EAA is staging "Battery Beach Burnout" (BBB) in conjunction and collaboration with the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego (www.evaosd.com) and its own EV drag racing & autocross competition, "Electric Dragin'" (www.electricdragin.com), at Barona Dragstrip
(www.baronadrags.com, also a 1/8 mile dragstrip) in San Diego on the same weekend. There is a possibility of a joint east-coast/west-coast media link-up and simulcast for parts of the dual events, with some interesting dueling match-ups as well:

Hopefully, AC Propulsion will be bringing one of their eBoxes (www.acpropulsion.com/ebox/) to Electric Dragin' in San Diego, for a head-to-head against Andrew Roddy with his eBox at BBB in Miami.

Dan Wolfson in San Diego will hopefully face off on his Vectrix electric motorcycle (www.vectrix.com) against Charles Whalen on his Vectrix bike in Miami. Dan and Charles will also each be competing against Jeff Patterson and Shawn Waggoner on their respective Patterson Cycles electric motorcycles (www.pattersoncycles.com), the latter two both in Miami.

If Matt Graham and Shawn Waggoner can complete repairs and upgrades to Matt's "Joule Injected" electric Nissan 240SX (www.jouleinjected.com) in time for BBB, Matt will be looking to fend off an aggressive challenge from Michael Kadie in San Diego with his electric Cobra (http://ssi-racing.com), which is hot on the heels of Joule Injected's current position as the second
fastest street-legal electric car in the world. No shrinking violet and certainly not lacking in ambition, Michael has said that he won't even have time to blink as he blows right past Joule Injected's Number 2 position on his way to knocking off and unseating the current world champion, John "Plasma Boy" Wayland's "White Zombie"
(www.plasmaboyracing.com/whitezombie.php), of Portland, Oregon.

Miami's own Cliff Rassweiler of ProEV (www.proev.com) will be taking on all-comers on both coasts in defense of his dominant reign as the longtime world champion EV autocross racer.

Another longtime, dominant world champion, Lowell Simmons of Broward County's Miramar High School (www.miramarev.com), will be defending his drag racing and autocross titles against other high schools in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Southern California.

The Florida EAA's "Battery Beach Burnout" will again be an international event, this year with Electro Autos Eficaces de Mexico bringing their electric Nissan Tsuru from Mexico City back to Florida, where it was originally converted by Grassroots EV (www.grassrootsev.com), a Steve Clunn "screamer"!

With all of these competitive match-ups and intense rivalries, these joint, simultaneous, east-coast/west-coast dual events promise a lot of excitement; especially with the 1/8 mile record books now open in all voltage classes, just waiting to be filled, a lot of new world records are going to be set!


Here is a partial list of the EVs that will be competing at "Battery Beach Burnout" in Miami on Jan. 25-26:

Electric Subaru Impreza, Cliff Rassweiler, ProEV
AC Propulsion eBox, Andrew Roddy
Electric Porsche 944, Miramar High School, Lowell Simmons & students
Electric Ford Probe, Miramar High School, Lowell Simmons & students
Patterson Cycles electric motorcycle, Jeff Patterson
Vectrix electric motorcycle, Charles Whalen
Toyota RAV4-EV, Charles Whalen
Electric Datsun 240Z, Shenandoah Valley Governor's School, Byron Humphries
Electric Porsche 911, Shenandoah Valley Governor's School, Byron Humphries
Electric VW Jetta, Northampton East High School, Chad Lewis & students
Electric Nissan Tsuru, Victor Juarez, Electro Autos Eficaces de Mexico

The following EVs are either tentative "maybes" at this point and hope to be there, or have not yet confirmed their participation:

"Joule Injected", electric Nissan 240SX, Matt Graham
Electric Toyota pickup truck, Bob Fuerstenau
Patterson Cycles electric motorcycle, Shawn Waggoner
Electric VW Cabriolet, Allan Miller
Electric Porsche 912, Steve Clunn, Grassroots EV
Lithium-powered Porsche 911, Paul Liddle, EVPorsche.com
Toyota RAV4-EV, Paul Renneisen
Electric Chevy S10 pickup truck, Jerry Wagner
Electric Mini Cooper, Bruce Chesson, NASA Kennedy Space Center
Electric Chevy S10 pickup truck, Cornelius Cronin
Commutacar Citicar, Cliff Ruffner
Electric VW Beetle, Inlet Grove Community High School, Anton Pastuszak
South Plantation High School's electric car, Alan Phipps & students
Vero Beach High School's electric car, Sue Deblois & students
Ford Ranger EV, West Wilkes High School
Lithium-powered Solectria Force, Stephen Taylor
Electric VW Cabriolet, Mike Harvey, Harvey Coachworks & EV


Countyline Dragway is 20 miles driving distance from Miami Airport (MIA) and 29.5 miles from Ft. Lauderdale Airport (FLL).

The following is a list of hotels/motels and their driving distance to/from Countyline Dragway. Unfortunately there aren't any hotels closer than 9 miles to the track, so nothing within walking distance. Please note that we have not checked on the condition of any of these hotels below nor verified the quoted rates, which come from an Internet search on Hotels.com. The star ratings given are those listed on Hotels.com.

Days Inn Westland Mall
1950 W 49th St
Hialeah, FL 33012
1 star
from $72/night
9.84 miles

Ramada Inn Miami Airport North
1950 W 49th St
Hialeah, FL 33012
1.5 stars
from $82/night
9.84 miles

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Miami Airport
7707 NW 103rd St
Hialeah, FL 33016
2.5 stars
from $109/night
9.51 miles

TownePlace Suites By Marriott Miami Lakes
8079 NW 154th St
Miami Lakes, FL 33016
2 stars
from $99/night
10.64 miles

Shula's Hotel
6842 Main Street
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
3.5 stars
from $109/night
11.33 miles

La Quinta Inn & Suites Miami Lakes
7925 NW 154th St
Miami Lakes, FL 33016
2.5 stars
from $135/night
10.42 miles

Courtyard Miami Lakes Miramar by Marriott
15701 NW 77th Ct
Miami Lakes, FL 33016
3 stars
from $139/night
10.47 miles

Hilton Garden Inn Miramar
14501 Hotel Rd
Miramar, FL 33027
3 stars
from $120/night
11.94 miles

Grand Palms Hotel & Golf Resort
110 Grand Palms Dr
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027
from $165/night
9.31 miles

Hampton Inn
Sheridan St. & I-75
Hollywood, FL 33019
from $165/night
10.56 miles

El Palacio Sports Hotel
21485 NW 27th Ave
Miami Gardens, FL 33056
2.5 stars
from $65/night
15.90 miles

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Re: EV EVents in San Diego & Miami during NFL Break

The Electric Dragin' crew showed up at a local news station to promote
the EVent.
The video features a close race between KD's 2.S.S.I.C. (the worlds
fastest extreme street electric car) and Joseph's Zap Xebra. There's
also a slideshow of the 1st arrivals to the Barona Drag Strip.




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Re: EV EVents in San Diego & Miami during NFL Break

Radio Shows form the track during the Electric Dragin and then on Monday from Maynard’s Garage.

You-Auto-Know Radio Show from trackside during the Electric Dragin’.


Internet Radio Show from Mark Maynard’s (Wheels Editor’s UT) Garage



Don Harmon

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