What about your kids?

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What about your kids?

Not every kid can ride a two wheeled EV. Has anyone designed other types of EV for their kids/grandkids and friends to ride?

This is apparently gas powered, but I'm sure we could build an EV one.


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Re: What about your kids?


Due to a stroke about 5 years ago I was forced off my 2 wheeler, balance problems, which caused me to build 2 different 3 wheeled bikes. A three wheeler is much easier than a two wheel bike because the trike has so much more room for the motor and batteries. The easiest was to use an adult trike, the Miami Sun. I removed the basket from the back and built a large wood box to hold the motor and batteries. I used a scooter motor (350 watts 36-volts) along with the throttle and controller which I stripped out of a Boreem Scooter. Cheap parts, purchased on e-bay for $109.oo. the Miami Sun has a 15mm axle with enough room to place an additional freewheel on so you don't even change the drive train for the pedals. I spent less than $400.oo for the complete conversion. I used 6 12-volt 12-AH bricks for a total battery pack of 36-volts @ 24-AH. The trike runs about 14 MPH for 30 miles with my 220 Lbs. on board. My granddaughters rode it 20 miles one day with one riding in the box on the back. I added a false floor to the box to cover the motor and batteries which gave me a storage area in the back which was 10" deep by 22" X 24". Great grocery getter. The gear ratio is 17.4 to 1 so it climbs hills very well. I use it to run around my farm, pull the trash cans to the street and back, lots of little chores. I even carry 2 40Lb bags of chicken feed in the back.

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Re: What about your kids?

I'm currently converting a Kettler Kettcar from pedal power to EV for my 6 yr old. I got the car in a garage sale for $10, add in a Kohlmoren 400W brushless dc motor, 24 battery pack, 5k ohm thumb throttle (all off eBay for da cheap...), and some machined sheets of HDPE and I got a cool new project.

I've pulled the pedals and derailer assembly and am in the process of building the battery box, engine mount and a "deck" for him to rest his feet. I have access to a great, cheap source of HDPE, Delrin, etc.. from a local plastics company in their "scrap" room with lots of cast-offs from bigger orders. I've got several sheets of 1/2" and thicker black HDPE which is a great material to shape, machine, etc... and build structure for vehicles. It's also got great thermal properties and is really strong without being too heavy. The car will end up being a little kids gokart with far better torque, range and speed than the store bought plastic "Power Wheels" kind.

I just need to work out a good way to de-tune the speed a bit so it's safe but I have to wait until I resolve my drive gear on my motor. I've got a roller clutch gear assembly from a repaired Currie scooter (local bike shop used part) that I have disassembled and I have to find a properly pitched gear from McMaster-Carr that fits the assembly and shorten the chain still. But once that's done I can adjust top speed via the throttle pot circuit and he's off an running.

I hope to have it done before the snow flies, but I'm running out of time. Well, it's a great winter project - it will probably end up with lights, etc... if I have to wait out the long Wisconsin winter.....


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