What about a trailer?

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What about a trailer?

Sometimes we can't fit all the batteries, electronics, high-powered motors onto the newer styled bikes.

Why not build an electric powered trailer to act as a pusher?


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Re: What about a trailer?

I'm new to this forum amd found myself reading this thread and smiling. As the first post suggests, it's not a new idea, but it's very good one!.........Visit my site... http://ElectricBicycleTrailer.com
I designed this pushtrailer unit two years ago and have traveled 100's of mile using it........Hope you all enjoy.
You can also see my video here.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah0MAJKhSao

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Re: What about a trailer?

Nice idea.

Lisny Wang
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Re: What about a trailer?

Do you know bike rental in scenic spot in Europe? Please reply me. thanks.

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