Looking for an offroad EBike

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Looking for an offroad EBike

Hi, hope you all can help.


I am trying to find an off road scooter or ebike but not
wanting to buy an expensive off road electric dirt bike, (Want to keep it small
and lighter)


Does anyone know of such a product or has anyone seen an
Ekomove ?



Any advice is appreciated.



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Re: Looking for an offroad EBike

I don't know anything about ekomove, and from their (world's slowest) website they don't know much either.

I remember seeing videos for a UK bike called "dirt monkey". Most sites that refer to it have been taken down and the videos removed. Does anyone know what happened to it?


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Re: Looking for an offroad EBike

Ask Deafscooter

I build custom off road scooter for you

email Deafscooter [at] Yahoo.com

Craig Uyeda


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Re: Looking for an offroad EBike

I have been using my Lashout Scooter for years offroad. It has great suspension and clearance. Here is a link for one. http://www.electrikmotion.com/lashout%20electric%20scooter.htm

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The one above is a bit expensive

Try the Schwinn S1000. It's 1000 watts brushed 36V. It's the same price as the one above. I can't tell you how they compare in performance since one is brush 1000W and the other 400W brushless. Hopefully someone can give you more info

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