Stupid Nigerian Emails

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Stupid Nigerian Emails


Trading Yunnan Kunming Ouaosi Co.,Ltd

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a firm which runs items including global trades. Import is our main trade. According to our business need , we are interested in your products:

X-Treme X-140
Your Price: $149

We want to order 1000 the products , After receiving this email , please contact us and send us the relative informations,the best F.O.B price ,or give us the lowest price.. what will the discount be ?We are looking forward to cooperating with your company ,and building a long time business relationship and friendship

Waiting for your kind reply.
Best regards,
Sincerely yours,

Kunming Ouaosi Trading Co.,Ltd
Tel: 86-871-8059892
Fax: 86-871-8059892
E-mail:ouaosi6 [at]
E-mail:ouaosi6 [at]
Add:No.474, Huanchengdonglu Road, Kunming , Yunnan , China

This email came at a perfect time! First my email won an international lottery worth $1.5 Million, then I've apparently acquired an inheritance from a family member in Laos worth $2.3 Million... now this!

My lucky, lucky day!!!

Stupid Nigerians.

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