Vectrix expansion of dealer network in Europe and US

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Vectrix expansion of dealer network in Europe and US

Vectrix expansion of dealer network in Europe and US

June 05, 2007

Andrew MacGowan, Chief Executive of Vectrix
In order to raise the profile of the revolutionary MAXI Scooter the Company's
commercial strategy is built largely around the concept of opening flagship
stores in major cities of its key target countries Italy, Spain, the United
Kingdom, Greece, France and Switzerland as well as markets in the United States
and Australia. In addition to opening flagship stores, a high-end dealer
network is being selectively developed in order to provide greater coverage
through the creation of broad networks in dealer's territories.

In Germany, Vectrix has now signed a country exclusive agreement with I-Sol
Ventures Gmbh, which will lead to the opening of the first German Vectrix
flagship store in Berlin during the Summer of 2007. In France, a high-end
dealer has been signed up for Nice, Cannes and Monaco and in the UK, two further
dealers have been signed, bringing the total number of UK dealers to 12.

In the US, dealers have recently been signed in Seattle, San Francisco, Salt
Lake City, South Florida and Austin. As a result of having recently received a
Rhode Island motorcycle dealer license, Vectrix will now also be able to sell
directly across the US, where appropriate, and open the Newport, Rhode Island
flagship store later this year


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