Echoing Green Opens Social Innovator Fellowship Application Process

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Echoing Green Opens Social Innovator Fellowship Application Process

Request For Proposal
Posted on October 18, 2007
Deadline: December 3, 2007

Echoing Green Opens Social Innovator Fellowship Application Process;jsessionid=YYVLSVPRLBW0RTQRSI4CGXD5AAAACI2F?id=192100094
Echoing Green annually awards two-year fellowships to emerging social innovators creating innovative new organizations. These social entrepreneurs and their organizations work to close deeply-rooted social, economic, and political inequities to ensure equal access and to help all individuals reach his/her potential. The fellowships offer them the opportunity to develop and test their ideas.

Fellows work in the community to launch, manage, and grow organizations that implement and continually expand their ideas for creating lasting social change. During the two-year fellowship, Echoing Green provides both financial and technical support.

Echoing Green offers fellowships to individuals and to partnerships of no more than two individuals. Applicants of all nationalities, working in any country, are eligible to apply. However, applicants whose projects are based in the U.S. must have American work authorization (i.e., citizenship, permanent residence status, or a work visa).

Projects may be structured as nonprofit or for-profit. Both nonprofit and for-profit fellows receive their stipends in the form of grants, not loans or investments.

Fellowships awarded to individuals are $30,000 a year for two years, or a total of $60,000. Fellowships awarded to partnerships are $45,000 (total per project, not per individual) for two years or a total of $90,000. Approximately 20 fellowships are awarded annually.

Visit the Echoing Green Web site for complete program guidelines, application procedures, and examples of funded projects.

Link to Complete RFP

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