How can we post videos to VVF's server??

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How can we post videos to VVF's server??

Hey Webmaster,

do we have the capacity to upload videos to the forum?
I have a Vectrix testride from the AltCar Expo and would like to share...

Thanks - and keep up the good work!!

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Re: How can we post videos to VVF's server??

Hey GrooveConnection ... The server doesn't have enough disk space to where I want to let y'all do that.

There's a couple ways which do work to make video appear on the site:-

If e.g. it's on youtube or other services that offer an "embed code" simply copy/paste the HTML code into a posting.

Similarly in the form for posting a new node you'll see a section labeled 'External Media'. Simply open that section and you'll see boxes to enter URL's or embed codes from several different media hosting services.

If you have your own website you could host the video on it, and then link to it from a posting. Or if you had a Flash video player you knew how to configure then it's not terribly difficult to set it up. Okay maybe "not terribly difficult" is relative. The hardest part of using a flash video player is they require the video be in Flash's proprietary format rather than Apple's proprietary quicktime format or M$oft's proprietary windows media player format.

- David Herron,

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