Before you spend another dime of your hard earned money...

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Before you spend another dime of your hard earned money...

- Know what kind of cells they are using and buy a couple cells to do life cycle tests on them.(Mainly now with lith-ion)

Half of the lithium ion cells I've used for cell phone and laptop replacements suck. There is a good chance this is the case with large packs made from cells that suck they want to sell you in a Chinese scooter they slapped together in 5 days.

Don't let the urge to be cutting edge lead you into bankrupting yourself. Wait for reliable data guys. People selling this stuff don't know anything about it other than how much they make off of it. It's true. Salesmen know nothing about these things.

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Re: Before you spend another dime of your hard earned money...

I think the charge discharge cycle and equalization, or lack of it, is a bigger problem. Ideally a charging system would individually handle the cells. Same thing over the discharge cycle. If you can't do this then have a large guard band. Only charge li-ion to 80% and only discharge to 20%. This would prevent premature death due to over charging or over discharging.

I don't understand why people say li-ion are self equalizing.

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Re: Before you spend another dime of your hard earned money...


On that note stay away from these batteries..

they have printed on the side 2600nimh... I bought about 500 of them for $1 each..
and I was wondering why my ebike wasnt running as far as it should..
so I tested them against some 1650Nimh and 2500nimh brand name batteries that I had lying around..

I found out that the capacitites of these batteries is more like 600mah - 800mah..

I mean these batteries work fine and they are cheap but they have no where near the stated capacity..

I really should have checked before I started buying them.. but oh well..

it still ends up cheaper than driving to work every day..

so I cant complain too much.

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