Mother of Six is Nation’s First Woman to Buy All-electric Vectrix

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Mother of Six is Nation’s First Woman to Buy All-electric Vectrix

Mother of Six is Nation’s First Woman to Buy All-electric Vectrix
Debbie Ketter replaces the family’s large SUV with the world’s first high-performance, two-wheel, zero-emission vehicle (ZEV)
17 October 2007

Easton, Pa.—Oct. 17, 2007— Debbie Ketter is the first woman in the U.S. to receive delivery of a Vectrix zero emission vehicle (ZEV). The mother of six and registered yoga instructor will use the all-electric two-wheel vehicle to commute to and from her classes at a local yoga studio and a private school where she teaches.

Launched just this summer, Vectrix is the first all-electric two-wheel vehicle to offer performance and style along with a clean, efficient, electric engine. It was designed to provide reliable and affordable transportation for commuting and recreational needs, helping relieve traffic congestion, pollution, parking hassles and inflexible public transportation.

Ketter – who hails from Scituate, Mass., just 50 miles from the Vectrix R&D facility in New Bedford – looks forward to replacing short commutes in the family’s large SUV with a stylish, environmentally friendly ride.

“I was drawn to the Vectrix as soon as I saw it and rode it,” Ketter said. “It’s not only quiet, emissions-free and beautiful, but it’s big and powerful enough that I feel safe.”


* Offers low running costs, minimal maintenance, simple operation and low noise.
* Reaches top speed of 62 mph and offers acceleration from 0-50 mph in 6.8 seconds.
* Has average range of 40-60 miles with a maximum range of 68 miles on one charge.
* Weighs 462 pounds, has a 60-inch wheelbase and 30-inch seat height, and seats two comfortably.

“Once people see and ride Vectrix, they understand there’s nothing else like it in the world,” said Vectrix founder Andrew MacGowan. “Vectrix will revolutionize personal transportation.”

Compared to traditional gasoline scooters that can produce up to 10 times the pollution of an average automobile, Vectrix is totally emissions free. It is virtually silent and highly efficient—a patented regenerative braking system redirects energy back into the Vectrix battery pack, which helps to extend its range by up to 12 percent. It’s more cost effective than gas or hybrid vehicles, too, since electricity is now one-tenth the cost of gasoline.

“When you have a large family, it’s challenging to find ways to save money and leave less impact on the environment,” says Ketter. “Vectrix will not only save us money, it is an investment in our air quality, our health and our future.”

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Re: Mother of Six is Nation’s First Woman to Buy All-electric

This is good news.

As the only known owner of an electric motor scooter in the western three-quarters of Pennsylvania - an area with virtually no motor scooters of any sort, it seems obvious to be that our first job is to convince people of the eminent practicality of two-wheeled transportation for (even in Pennsylvania) 70% of the days of the year - rather than it being an overpowered phallic symbol or something.

The scooter format is the most practical for it's cargo carrying capability and easy, step-through sit-down rider position. Once two-wheeled transportation is accepted. Electric versions and the public charging infrastructure (just think electric outlet-equipped parking meters) will follow.

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