LEM-170 vs. Etek

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LEM-170 vs. Etek

I'm just wondering how these compare. I've seen a few performance graphs of both and they look similar. I was wondering if anyone had some real-world experience with them, and would share their thoughts.

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Re: LEM-170 vs. Etek

The LEM170 was designed to be a competitive motor to the Etek, the performance is similar but at higher currents the LEM170 is more efficient. This is due to the problem of stray magnetic flux from the Etek motor creating eddy currents in the aluminium case and thereby generating heat. The aluminium case had many advantages for the mass production of the motor as the casting process of the case was much simpler and it allowed the motor to be made from a two part casting which facilitated the use of a back bearing. If you want more detail I can send over performance graphs for both motors.

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