Deafscooter Show Compare the small & large Charger station

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Deafscooter Show Compare the small & large Charger station

All VisFriend to read this what Battery Charger can Fast to Limo Scooter

Here is my Customer and Craig talked on AIM im -->>> about
the Smallest Charger , Middle Charger , Larger Charger station??

Customer want use China's X-Treme=X-900 Electric scooter's
Small Charger (36 volts at 1.8 Amps) to hook the limo Scooter
He asked me Millone question the Small charge take 1 hours
on Large Hawker AGM batteries pack ??? Deafscooter answered
it take 30 to 34 hours to charger the limo scooter from X-Treme
Deafscooter dont recommeced the X-treme's charger station
to hook the Limo Scooter it only have 24 volts Hawker AGM
Here is picutre, Craig show you the Compare the size on charger station
Large charger station take 30 Minute & Middle size charger take 8 hours
The X-Terme or any China made Toy Charger station take 30-34 hours !!
to charge up the hawker batteries there Picutre show on Limo scooter...

I know Customer want 5 minute to charger up like Car Gasoline
in Pumping Fill-up to 20 gallon in only 5 minute ?? Compare ??

Deafscooter suggust the Large Charger station like this quickly charger up


Craig Uyeda

Email==>> Deafscooter [at]

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Re: Deafscooter Show Compare the small & large Charger station

What is customer's plan for using the scooter? That would have something to do with what he should choose. How about a trailer? Just kidding!

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