Charging Question/options

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Charging Question/options

It seems that many people use a single charger to charge their battery pack and then often have to go through hoops to keep their pack in balance. I am starting an EV project and have installed individual smart chargers thinking that the cost is not that much more for my 12 battery pack and the individual chargers would help to keep them in balance. Unfortunately the Soneil brand of charger I used appears to be very cheaply made as 4 units have failed and this is before I have gotten the car on the road.

So should I punt and put in a more standard charger like a Manzanita or Delta-Q or should I try again with Dual Pro marine chargers designed for heat, water and vibration? The Lil Pro 3 looks like it would charge 3 of my batteries in about 8 hours which is enough for me. Thank you

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