First PB Project: xp700

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First PB Project: xp700

Hello, i am new to this forum, but i've been reading it for a week or so now and am extremely interested in modifying my xp700 which i should be recieving any day now.
Got the $149 "Scratch and Dent" version from x-treme scooters. de=XP-700S-D

First off,
My objectives include:
- 30mph MAX speed (in compliance with moped regulations for ca)
- 10 mile range
- head, tail, and turn signal lights.
- Will obtain moped license for it.

Planned specs (may change):
- 3 x 12v 22ah sealed lead acid (36v 22ah pack).
- Scott 24v, 1hp(continuous) Spec sheet, see 1st scott motor. Black in color. l=us
Picture of motor:
- 36v 100amp peak controller (still don't know what to use)

Planned Use:
- Good acceleration and torque when needed
- Easy 30mph MAX cruise speed (1-2hp continuous. 3.5 hp peak and short period burst)
- I have read up on quite a bit of the CA dmv code and it seems like this bike will meet all the requirements. I Also used to drive a small home built electric mini bike using the same proposed motor, which was licensed using the 1 time buy special moped plates. (i am still not sure if i will be able to pull this off, i think it will all depend on the description and articulation of the bike when i am pulled over by the local sheriff's dept. Which i am used to because it happened to me on my father's etek electric motorcycle which he built using a chinese gas motorcycle 125cc dirt bike frame, which are not legal in ca.)

Reasons i chose the xp700:
- the "Scratch and dent" option looked like an awesome deal and seeing as how it may have scratches or broken plastic that for the most part i won't be using on the bike anyway seemed like a good trade off for the $149 price tag
- Comes with everything on it needed to add head light, tail light, and signal blinkers and obtain a moped license for it (maybe)
- Seems like a better performance option when compared to the PR200 becuase of the stock 36v battery pack, controller, and 700 watt motor.
- Front AND Rear disc brakes made this very appealing.

Background skills for mods:
- I can gas weld my own battery boxes, brackets, etc.
- I have access to a fully climate controlled down draft automotive paint booth.
- I will have help from mainly my father who is a mechanical engineer and has extensive background in working with and building ev's. (when he's not working on his own ev's)
- Friends with the owner of a local electric only scooter/bicycle/small ev store.

- Achieve proposed planned use.
- 30+ (high gearing?)

Part 1 plans:
- Adding small head light, tail light, and turn signals.
- Hopping up controller with the 36v 100amp controller (doing this will essentially make the stock batteries the most limiting factor in power)

A couple questions for you guys:

What do you think about the whole licensing as a moped thing?

Suggestions for a good 36v 100amp peak controller?

Overall thoughts, comments, and insight appreciated!

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Re: First PB Project: xp700

UPDATE on xp700 mods:

After receiving this "Scratch and Dent" version of the xp700 I'd say overall it was in damn good condition for being $100 less then the other ones. It had an overall of like 5 or 6 cracks

3 of these cracks were chips broken off of the plastic fairing and underneath the seat. I found 2 out of 3 of these pieces of plastic in the box which i can easily superglue back onto the body. The other cracks i just super glued back together good as new. The one piece i was not able to find was about 1 inch long and on the under lip of the seat which one is not able to see unless looking from below the bike. All in all it looks good, a couple blemishes here and there in odd places but still looks "new".

I clocked the stock xp700 at 15mph. I decided to start toying with it first and added a 4th battery bumping the Voltage up to 48 volts. The mph went up to a steady 20mph. My dad suggested opening up the controller and taking a look to see if we could find out what the electronics (capacitor and mosfet) were rated for. I then opened up the controller and took a look at a few of the components. After noticing the capacitors were only rated for 50v i ran down to radio shack and got a couple 100v capacitors and soldered them in place of the old ones. I then bumped the voltage up to 60v by adding yet another battery and to my surprise it has been running super and going a steady 25mph with good acceleration.

My overall goal of course for the bike is to have it going 30mph which i decided to add another battery to bump it up to 72 volts. I ran into a bit of a snag here as it seems that the electronics in the controller just aren't rated for this kind of voltage, turning it on and just free wheeling it made the controller somewhat hot in one spot. Also what was odd was as soon as i hooked up the 6th battery to make 72v the bike's motor would receive power, even with the key switch in the OFF position. So 60v is pretty much the max that controller can handle depending on if you replace or solder in any new electronics which was too complicated for my knowledge.

At the moment i just have the 2 batteries i added strapped into it under the original battery box behind the front wheel and within the plastic fairing which still fits nicely over these 2 batteries. I am adding led turn signals, head light and tail light and then going to register it as a moped before i do anything else to it. I still plan on I will post pictures off it so far next time i'm on the forums.
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