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hub/electric motors

I have a question I've been meaning to ask you more knowledgeable motor people.

I've read that you will burn up an electric motor (EV auto conversion website) if you apply power revving it with no load on it. Why is this? I'm just curious. I guess that means I shouldn't apply throttle to my XB600 with it up on the centerstand with the rear wheel off the ground. I did this a couple of times to show some friends how the hub motor reacted to throttle. Apparently only doing it for a few seconds didn't harm anything since it continues to run great, etc. But, I do want to understand why an electric motor will burn up from being run with no load. Maybe there's load on the hub motor just with the weight of the wheel and tire???


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Re: hub/electric motors

no i don't think there's any harm. back when i was playing with RC car and 2 cycle nitro methane engine, i recall somebody saying it need a load but not electric motor. Unless you run massive voltage where it might arc. i don't think it'll harm much.

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Re: hub/electric motors

Hmm...That's odd. Typically that's when a motor is at minimal power consumption. The only condition under which I think that might be true is if the timing was on the far end of advanced, assuming it's a permanant magnet or shunt wound motor. A series motor, on the other hand, will keep revving until the armature flys apart unless you put some sort of governer on it. I've never burnt a motor under no load conditions, even when overvolting them (okay, I have, but it was a small DC motor rated at three volts running on twenty four...).

Do you know what type of motor they were talking about?

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Re: hub/electric motors

The only thing I've heard that might apply here is that they say you're not supposed to rev it in neutral because it's too easy to over rev. You might accidentally rev the motor past it's safe revvable limit and damage something. But revving it in neutral shouldn't have any negative effect if you remain under the specified maximum RPM limit.

Rick Stewart

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