cyclone kit motor- running it backwards?

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cyclone kit motor- running it backwards?

Anybody know how to get the cyclone kit's motor to run clockwise instead of counterclockwise?

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Re: cyclone kit motor- running it backwards?

Hi cerewa

I have not tried this but my suggestion is based on motor theory.

A BLDC motor is a motor that mimics a polyphase AC motor, normally 3 phase. I have looked inside these motors and note that they do have 3 sets of windings. So far so good.

Now to reverse direction in an AC motor you just reverse two phase connnections. I therefore think that the same would apply here.

Top do this you will need to desolder two set of copper leads running to windings and then resolder on opposite pad.

Hope this helps.


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Re: cyclone kit motor- running it backwards?

Correct me if I'm wrong but addition to switching the phase cconnections don't you also have to switch the hall sensor wires?

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