Converting electric scooter from chain to Gates power belts

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Converting electric scooter from chain to Gates power belts


I am new to the forum. My backround is classic car restoration, and I got involved in electric scooters and modifying them a while back. My son rides a bladeZ 500 watt scooter I modified to 36 volts that goes 24 MPH. I currently have a 1200 watt powered highly modified Extreme X 500, and just purchased a left over lashout 400 from ev Tech to convert to 1000 watt 48 volt.

Doug at EV Tech told me there were many benefits to losing the chain in favor of a new high tech super strong power belt. No harmonics at high speeds, much quieter, easier on bearings. The belts themselves are easy to find in any size and width, but does anyone have a good source for the sprockets that will fit the various scooter motor shafts? I especially want to run one on the Lashout with the Powerpack motors 1000 watt motor. Wouldn't mind changing over the Extreme, which has a standard freewheel in the rear to attach the sprocket, and the united MY 1020 small double D shaft on the motor.

I was told bearing places might have the sprockets. Any leads appreciated

here is the belts I am talking about


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