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Hi all, I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is the server hosting V is For Voltage has been rather .. ah .. busy today. I received an email this afternoon from davew saying he couldn't get into the server most of the afternoon. I rebooted it ar 3:30ish PST and then I just got home, found the site unresponsive again, and rebooted the server at 6:50 PST.

The good news is the cause of the bad news. The good news is that since thursday I've been experimenting with the website with techniques that are supposed to help someone get lots of "digg's". The good news is the technique worked and I've gotten two postings make it to the front page of digg. I understand the process and am confident that I could get further postings make it to the front page of digg. At least for certain topics ...

Getting a posting on digg's front page means that lots of traffic will flow to a site.

The site in question,, usually gets 300-500 visitors/day (according to Google Analytics). Yesterday that site received over 7000 visitors, a 15x increase in the normal traffic. The Analytics service hasn't reported todays traffic results yet but it has to have been significant.

It's well within my goals to keep doing this, so it clearly raises the priority of getting a beefier server or maybe putting on its own server.


- David Herron,


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