So Who would you buy from?

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So Who would you buy from?

I am continuing my search for the perfect commuter e-bike.
I am seeing a lot of hub motor and bottom bracket kits up on e-bay.
I am cautious about ebay and large purchases.

So, I put it out to this august group? Who would you go to for the best kit?


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Re: So Who would you buy from?

Ebay is fine for some stuff, but with an ebike you likely want some support and a warranty. I look for people who have been in business for a while, have a decent selection, and can talk intelligently about their products. The people who I come back to again and again are:

Electric Rider:
Electric Cyclery:

I have a particular soft spot for Electric Rider because my home town is Lawrence Kansas. It also means they are ideally located for shipping to pretty much anywhere. I have visited both Electric Rider and Electric Cyclery and they really know their stuff. I have dealt only over the web with NYCEWheels and have never been disappointed.

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Re: So Who would you buy from?

Another quality dealer is:

Scott used to be active on the old Zappy list, but I don't know why he stopped. In any case he publishes a lot of useful information and tests.

Another quality dealer is:

I've known Rob since 1998 or so, and I helped him set up his original website. He has lots of good information.

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Re: So Who would you buy from?

I've delt with all 3 and been more then happy.

The first, is owned by Justin. he has Crystalyte controllers custom built with 4110 MOSFETS for far greater preformance, as well as his controllers being modified for a direct hookup to the Cycle Analyst(Drain brain)
Justin is the inventor and sole manufacturer of the Drain Brain, now called the Cycle Analyst. uses an aero style rim for there 700c kits, and is the best sorce for dual speed Clyte motors. They offer a few sizes of Crystalye motors that others don't, like the 4013, or the 408/4012 combo that I run. There customer service is great, too, and there prices are some of the lowest I've found from any sorce with a good reputation behind it.

Itselectric features more prebuilt bikes, but they have some kits. What they excell on is there battery choices, and customer service. Ken, the owner called me personaly after I ordered a couple Lipo batteries from him, just to make sure I was getting what I realy needed. He wasn't trying to up-sale me, as he didn't have an alternitive. he was risking losing the sale just to be sure I was really going to be happy with what I was getting.

Hope that helps.

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