ELECTRIC CAR Comparison chart

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ELECTRIC CAR Comparison chart

Interesting chart of Pre-Production Electric/Hybrid Cars.....


First time I saw the data on the Volt, check out the weight:
Above 3000.- lbs - WHY???

Ever heard of the pledge Amory Lovins (RMI) is broadcasting?
Of course this thing needs monstrous batteries - nothing in it is built lightweight.

GM keeps sending these weird mixed messages, which sound like this:

"We have the technology, we could give it - if we only wanted..."

After the EV1-crushing-episode (they even pulled the one out of the Smithsonian - there's an SUV in it's place now - if it weren't so sad, I'd LMAO) they are the last ones to trust.

Interesting about the chart though is the OPEL, that is indeed the first true commitment by the Europeans.
2010 is sadly late, i.m.o.

  Chevy Volt Mitsubishi MiEV MiEV Sport Tesla Roadster Opel Flextreme Aptera
Estimated Production Date 2010 2010 2010 2008 2010 2008
Estimated Price   30000   98000   26900 for EV, 29900 for Hybrid
Estimated Initial Production 60000 1000   650    
Body Style 4-5 Passenger Sedan 4 Passenger Sedan 2+2 Passenger Sedan 2 Passenger Roadster 3 Door Liftback 2 Door
Vehicle Class Compact Car Sub-Compact Car Sub-Compact Car Compact Car Compact Car Micro Car
Battery Type Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion  
Peak Power 130 - 140 kW 47 kW 87 kW 185 kW 120 kW  
Continuous Power 45 kW         19 kW
Generator Power 54 kW n/a   n/a 53 kW 12 kW
Recharge Time @ 110V 6 - 6.5 hours 13+ hours 17 hours 3.5 hours 6 hours  
0-60 time 8 - 8.5 seconds     4 seconds   < 10 seconds
Weight 3140 pounds 2380 pounds   2700 pounds   850 pounds
Full EV Range 40 miles 99 miles 124 miles 245 miles 34.17 miles 120 miles
Extended Range 640 miles n/a n/a n/a 444 miles 600 - 700 miles
Peak Power / Weight Ratio 34.6 19.7   68.5    
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Re: ELECTRIC CAR Comparison chart

I believe OPEL is owned by GM. For whatever that is worth. GM and Ford have so many short successful production runs of EV's with sub contractors. The Ranger and S-10 were excellent vehicles with either AC or DC drive systems. They were versitle and good performers in both speed and range. Used 5-10 year old trucks are selling with people fighting to pay $18,000 - $24,000 for them. I don't know why auto makers are not mass producing these again. Just following along on Ebay and other used EV sites should be the only market research needed. No need to re-invent the electric car. GM or Ford could turn out a competitively priced Colorado or Ranger, 2 & 4dr version in under a years time. We are all aware of the recent plant closings in Detroit etc. Good place to start factory conversions with the help of peolpe like Solectra, EV America, etc. However, with GM and Ford suffering from supposed losses in the billions, I guess we won't see anything soon. To me, what Groove wrote is true about the Volt. 43 mile range??? 96V VW bugs get about that. They should be able to come up with something better than that. GM outperformed that in 1964 with the electric Corvair (Electravair). That was a AC drive system. I also agree that they seem to want to send the message that "we have the technology", but are holding it back. When they do make it available, I think they are still keeping the best stuff hidden. The real gains in electric car technology will not come until the controllers of petroleum fuel and the auto makers are securely rooted such that they are controllers of that industry as well. I say the same about the biodiesel and ethanol industry. The farmers will never be allowed to get rich off farming corn and soybeans.

My Dos Centavos

Mike K.

5 years ago I met Jesus and he total ruined my life. I have never been happier.

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Re: ELECTRIC CAR Comparison chart

You guys are right, but unfortunately in the minority.
Most people drink the kool-aide they're served and ask for more. I have a buddy who still drives his discontinued electric RAV4 daily at freeway speeds for good distances. Wish conversions could do that under $20K.
People forget that these were available 10 years ago, but spout out the dribble that electrics are not viable yet.
Simple really. Follow the money. Not just oil, but the cash cow of maintenance services that go away when you replace an ICE, freaks the hell out of auto manufacturers and dealers with repair shops.

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Re: ELECTRIC CAR Comparison chart

That comparison chart has got some flaws. For example, the i-miEV is slated for sale in 2009 and the i-miEV Sport is a concept with no release plans.

I wouldn't doubt that the weight of the Volt is somewhere in that neighborhood. (3000 lbs.) GM, being the engineering wizards they are, decide to make an electric car and seemingly pay little attention to the weight and none (by their own admission) to aerodynamics. Seriously. None. I sometimes wonder (though I doubt it) if they are setting it up to fail.

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Re: ELECTRIC CAR Comparison chart

Interesting about the chart though is the OPEL, that is indeed the first true commitment by the Europeans.
2010 is sadly late, i.m.o.

Hi, actually Citroen (part of PSA Group) have had an electric van (also available as a very spartan people carrier) called the Berlingo for a number of years now. Its not something the dealers ever talk about or even want to know about! but Opel's effort is by no means the 1st. Incidentally, Opel in Europe = Vauxhall in UK = GM parentage.

Yes, the Rav is an excellent electric and yes, the service and support would be decimated!

My two (euro) cents. I prefer pennies but what can ya do. There's a downturn on the way.

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Re: ELECTRIC CAR Comparison chart

I'd better qualify that........the van is electric, I'm not aware of any electric production models of the people carrier.

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Re: ELECTRIC CAR Comparison chart

I would imagine that the weight estimates for the Volt are a bit on the porky side because the car is not a pure electric. It has an ICE motor (maybe a fuel cell, but not likely) too, so the thing is going to be somewhat heavy. Also, unlike most EVs on the market right now, the Volt will need to pass crash testing. That means an array of air bags and all the hardware needed to support them, side crash protection, crumple zones, offset crash protection, rollover protection, etc. Furthermore, as a car from a large auto manufacturer, the car will need to have a nice sound system, remote key-less entry, nav system, power windows, etc. Many light-weight EVs do not include these features because they add weight.

I've owned too many gasoline powered cars to count on all my fingers and toes. Time to go electric.

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