help with 36v - 38.4v NIMH charger

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help with 36v - 38.4v NIMH charger

Hello all,

I am struggling through my first electric bike project and thought you could help.

I have numerous a 32cell, 38.4v NIMH packs that I need to charge. They are 1.7 Ah each and I have 15 of them for my bike. I am having difficulty finding an appropriate NIMH charger for this. I don't want to break the pack down into 9.6v packs and charge 60 of them... It would take a week! Anybody have an idea for this?

I haven't built all of them yet as I want to be sure I can charge them first, but I have all the cells for it. I can make 36v packs (or other voltages) if anybody has a cost effective idea to charge them all.


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Re: help with 36v - 38.4v NIMH charger

Have you looked at ?

They have a number of chargers for NiMH battery packs

I have to admit that I do not know enough about them to recomend which one yould be best for you but if you email them at tech [at] and give them the specs of your packs I'm sure they could point you in the right direction.

I hear that they even make custom Battery Pack Chargers they may be able to make one to fit your needs.

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