Need help with controller/throttle problems

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I have a 2004 Panterra Retro scooter with a 750W brushless motor. Several problems have been occurring intermittently that I would like some help hopefully fixing. The first is that the electronic throttle appears to get stuck wide-open. This happens most frequently when the scooter has been sitting outside in chilly conditions (usually less 40 degrees F.) The first time that it happened I was standing beside the scooter and turned the key on nearly running myself over. The problem now is happening in warmer conditions now too (over 50 degrees F.) The second problem is that the brake activation circuit that tells the controller to cut power to the motor has started to fail periodically too. This happened to me today in traffic when the throttle got stuck wide open causing near panic and a frantic rush to turn the key switch off. The throttle goes from 0 to 4.2V I think and the controller is a 48V brushless three-phase unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Need help with controller/throttle problems

Wild guess.. have you checked all connections for being secure?

I think of intermittent problems as a loose connection somewhere.


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Re: Need help with controller/throttle problems

if not loose then check conections again but unplug each plug and check for corosion or melting around the metal parts in the conectors. this will be mostly found in the main power plug....

Get some electric jel stuff, the stuff you put on sparkplugs in your dab of it is all you need in each wire holes on plug.....

As for the sticky throtle, ran into that once not confy when you want to stop, I found out every time it happend that my swist grip was binding on my bar ends or the hand grip it self.

Good luck, if your twist grip keeps failing then buy a new one, sells them for $12 if you know were to look


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Re: Need help with controller/throttle problems

Check the ground wire going from the controller to the throttle. It sounds like its losing contact somewhere. Check the connector. Sometimes the wire breaks up inside the throttle housing. You might consider getting a new throttle.

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