Li-Po best practice tips

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Li-Po best practice tips

Hi All,

I have just got a Li-Po 48v 15a battery from goldenmotor. Does any body know a link or can give some tips regarding "Li-Op cell best practice" of Li-Po cells to maximize there life and to get the most capacity from the cells.

Thanks from cold Denmark,

Amit Chai

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Re: Li-Po best practice tips

I don't know.. but I have seen a few videos like this: Lipo batteries on fire ... and Lipo Battery Fire ... so, you're wise to look for best practices.

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Re: Li-Po best practice tips

what type of "C" you speak about - nano bucks ?

Just noticed that I misunderstood the initiator of the thread- but the tips depend on the chemistry.

Most cells don't like cold temperatures
or to be discharged quickly 10C up to 30C depending on the specs.
or vibration
or charged in freezing condition
charged 0.5-4C acc. spec.
to my knowledge some like high temperature
LIFePo4 are said to be more tolerant...
I wonder how useful it is to save a few bucks and build the pack without control of the individual cells (possible for FePO4). We now do not have long enough experience to decide on that.
What astonishes me is that the LIFePO4 hype shades the recent success of the Mn-chemistry (Kokam).
Don't be to critical about those cells- min have survived falling from the bike.

Now lets be quit and point to experts

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Re: Li-Po best practice tips

ok so I stand clear for my investment - 2C means 80 Ah for the max. measured Amps for my 1.9kW 36V microcar.
If 7.5Ah 24V from Amita/Welldone costed me 300 € (1.67 €/Wh) I will have to pay 4800€- well may be I'll try 5C acceleration phases of several seconds and 2C for the rated 65 Amps then we get 32.5Ah equalling 2000€. This sounds reasonable please come back to me with an offer if you can (60-80 Ah 36V).

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Re: Li-Po best practice tips

The CA is handle bar mounted, right in front of you and records AH used and displays speed and voltage.

Depending on the battery pack in use, you can monitor in realtime what the pack is doing..

with NIMH, always keep the loaded voltage above 1v per cell ( 36v = 30v cutoff ) if you see 29v or less on the display, back off the throttle.. easy.

Knowing how much AH has been used on a pack from a fresh charge is very handy..

Aka: Buzzz on old V forum !

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