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rules violations

I for one am becoming concerned at being on this forum when there are such "wild, malicious" posts as is coming in the name of (don't know if they are from him) Deafscooter, i.e. "Craig", etc. Can the forum administrators remove and block this kind of trash? I think the entire community would be appreciative of this.

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Re: rules violations

Count me as a vote in favor of this.

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Re: rules violations

I will agree to this. I'm more than willing to take this war elsewhere.

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Re: rules violations

I agree. We have dealt with the immediate problem so hopefully things will be quieter for a while. I invite everyone, especially those who have been warned recently, to reread the TOS. There are lots of words, but it all basically boils down to civility. And please bear in mind that "he started it" is not a valid excuse for violating the TOS.

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