Ideal battery solution?

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Ideal battery solution?

I just got into e-bikes through a purchase of a real nice Merida at a yard sale for $50.00. It was a 2002 model that still had the nubs on the tires. The SLA batteries were shot of course. I was able to charge them so I could get a idea of the potential of this bike, but they would not hold a charge. I replaced the two 12V 9Ah with four 6V 9Ah Power Sonic batteries. The bike goes pretty good now, going to install a odometer to see what type of speed and range this thing has for my terrain here in sunny San Diego.

Now being someone that likes to modify things, I started to look at a better battery solution.

1)I have like 40 12V 100Ah UPS batteries laying around, but these have to be forty Lbs. each and I would need two.

2) I could add some more small SLA batteries to a pack on the back rack, but that adds weight too and is not that interesting.

3) I could go with Ni-MH, but they might just save a little on the weight. Charging time would be less, but that is not a concern for me.

4) Li-Ion is the hot ticket, but they are expensive as hell, saving ten Lbs. would be nice, not sure what they would do for the range or power.

The Li-Ion has me thinking though, as I have a Ridgid 24V tool kit that came with two Li-Ion batteries. These batteries are 24V 3Ah rated on the battery case. They are light, quick change, guarantied for life, I already have two and the charger.

Now the problem is, how do I make these batteries work for me. I would need some quick change socket on the bike. I'm thinking the two that I have would not give me as much range as the SLA's I now have so I would need a third. I looked around and these batteries are super expensive, I only paid $300.00 for the tool kit, which had a drill, sawsall, saw, light, batteries, charger, bag, and lifetime guaranty.

Anyone have any ideas, what has worked for you?

Thanks, Deron.

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