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Re: Zapino Owner Feedback

Hi there,

I just joined the group this morning. I just purchased a Zapino and I am interested in making the changes that you discussed and I wanted to read Max's blog. Could you please point me to it? Many thanks

I am getting ready to take delivery of a 2008 Zapino that I purchased directly from the Zap people in California. I got what I believe is a fantastic price and they told me the unit was new. I hope the new part is correct and I would like to make
sure I check this thing out before I start riding it.

Do you still like your Zap?



Yes I still like my Zapino after almost 3 years now. I replaced the tires and the batteries (once), but that is all I have had to do so far to keep it running. I only use it for a short 5 mile round trip once or twice a week.

Steve Tanner


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