Dog carrier for bicycle, and some nice V visibility

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Dog carrier for bicycle, and some nice V visibility

One of my favorite podcasts just mentioned me... Beach Walk #555 - Lexi’s Limo Buys Carbon Offsets Lexi and Rox go bicycle green. What happened is they recently started a community side of their podcast site, The Reef, and on that site I started an Electric Vehicles subgroup, with a link pointing to V. They were already researching EV's and got inspired to buy a thingy for bicycling to let them take a bicycle to the beach rather than drive.

The show format is that Rox takes her dog, Lexi, to the beach every day and while there they record a video with her talking about something or other. They live on Maui, and I really like the stuff she talks about.

Anyway, on to this thing they bought.. it's a trailer similar to the kid trailers but seems to be especially meant for a dog. It hooks to a bike and looks to be pretty sturdy.

I've got a trailer I sometimes use.. for grocery shopping, and back when I had to go to laundromats I used this to haul my laundry. Sometimes. It's a great idea and I think an electric motor on a bike makes it a lot more practical to do this.

She expressed some frustration and wanting to have a way to carry a boogie board to the beach. I'm thinking xtracycle frame, but dunno if it's practical to carry a dog on an xtracycle...? Morgan?

Beach Walks with Rox #555 - Lexis Limo Buys Carbon Offsetslt;/a>

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