LiFePO4 battery pack pricing

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LiFePO4 battery pack pricing

I was recently quoted a price of USD $427 for a 12V 24Ah LiFePO4 battery pack.
So to build a 36V system would cost USD $1281. This seems rather steep..

What prices are other people finding out there?


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Re: LiFePO4 battery pack pricing

Hi scott,
If the pack includes a bms, then its perhaps not that bad.
where did you get the quote from?
a thundersky pack via everspring for 36v 40AH would cost about $US1200 plus shipping and bms. does packs of that size aswell.


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Re: LiFePO4 battery pack pricing

Yeah, but that's a 40AH pack. The one he's talking about is only 24AH. Little more than half. I'd wait. Fine if you get the pack, though. Someone's gotta pay for the price to come down ;).

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Re: LiFePO4 battery pack pricing

I wouldn't expect price to come down for quality LiFePO4 packs until possibly Q-2, this year. Cheap packs that you find NOW are cheap because they are not up to the quality level that everyone should expect from this chemistry!


Don Harmon

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